Call us to spit your rhymes, spoken word, vocal, tunes or beats. Just dial 909-402-BARS and record your performance live from your phone. Our batlines are open 24 hrs. We cater to nocturnes, of course.

We will listen to your recordings to determine if we can use it on upcoming internet radio shows. Fear not. We are highly respectful of our performers and we do not sell or trade your data. Your name number and content remains private and shared only with admin at

We will contact you by phone to pitch creative ideas to include your rhymes, style or vibes. We aspire to support, create and broadcast fresh sounds from heartfelt artists and performers. Nothing complicated. Just music.

Here are some key notes on how we get down

See if our points resonate with you. Performers looking to embrace the structures of mainstream music business and marketing will not find it here. Artists looking to innovate and earn from their unapologetic independence should stick around.

Whether you're 'spittin' bars' or dropping tunes, we have ears for you. This is an inovative project for soulful, confident artists who choose to engage modern audio and sound projects.

We're here because the music business, as it stands today, is designed to celebrate salesmen instead of artists. We are here to engage and support a modern set of creatives. We exist for independent artists.

Us. We're in it for you. We want independents, locals and raw talents to win. We have the creative digital means to create exciting custom opportunities for authentic artists to engage a modern audience and new media publishers.

The thing that deters my favorite artists from mainstream engagements is all the shamefull dick ridey they expect from hopeful artists. We...dispise..that shit. This is not a competition. We do not pit artists against each other. We just engage and assist.
Fuck, mainstream tactics, for real.

We're OG & We're back

Here's a reciept from our early days hosting Variety Shows. Late night, artists accomidated fun.
Use this form to enter your performance to qualify for our Curated URL TV.

16 Bars Live by RSWCo.
Manhattan + World Wide Web 1 (NYC) ROCK-US7